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Let us assume we have an invitation to visit an unknown event using the reference of a known acquaintance or if I have to take another scenario, lets us assume we have something that we need for our usage and we are on a lookout to search that thing all over the place. When we do visit the event or the place where we want to buy the items required, the first thing that immediately captivates our attention is the aura of the place. When I say aura, I mean how it look which is directly proportional to how we feel, the structure of the place, the hospitality and many more factors. The better the look & feel of the place, we obviously feel pleasant and would want to stay there for more time or would be interested in re-visiting. To describe in a nutshell, the theme of the place matters.

Things are also similar in the online world. When we are browsing the website, the very thing that makes the end-user stay or explore the website is the ways it has been represented. Things like, simple structure, the sleekness in the design, the choice of visuals, alignment with the industry catering to are some of the things that that captures the end-user's attention span (which is very minimal, probably said to be less that 3 sec) and makes him/her explore the Business offerings.

Odoo Theme Development

Understanding the psychology of the end, user, Bizople is committed to make the end-user's experience a soothing and informative one. Customer are either looking at new theme development which is in alignment to their Business or migration form a existing environment using odoo. Under Odoo theme development , we help our customer with the following services,

  • Business Theme Development
  • E-Commerce Theme development
  • PSD to Odoo Theme Development
  • HTML to Odoo Theme Development

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