How to Install Custom Odoo Theme

Install Odoo Theme with easy Steps
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How to Install Custom Odoo Theme

Odoo Custom Theme Installation
First of all, you have to find the Perfect Odoo Theme That is related to your Business.

To install a custom theme in Odoo, you typically need to follow these steps:

1. Download the Theme: Find and download the custom theme you want to install. Ensure it's compatible with your version of Odoo.

2. Access Odoo Backend: Log in to your Odoo backend with Administrative privileges.

3. Enable Developer Mode: Activate developer mode. You can usually find this option in the settings or by appending "?debug=assets" to your URL.

Enable Developer Mode

4. Go to Website App: Navigate to the Website application. If you are using a fresh database of Odoo you need to install the Website App from the Apps Menu.

Go To Website App

5. Upload the Theme: Go to your Server Backend, find your Custom Addons Folder, and Upload your theme Folders and Files. Custom addons folder located based on your Odoo installation.

6. Install the Theme: Go to The Website and Click on the "Edit" on the Top Right Corner. 
In the theme tab, you can see the Switch Theme Option. Click on Switch Theme.

7. Activate Theme:  After clicking on the Switch Theme You can See Your Custom Theme in a Pick a Theme Option. Click on the "Use this theme" Button. Wait unit it's installed in your Database.

8. Customize Homepage: Customize the homepage according to your requirements using the available options

Customize Homepage

Remember to always backup your Odoo instance before making significant changes like installing an odoo website theme

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How to Install Custom Odoo Theme
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